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Maintenance or What?

So, should you have Central Heating and Air Conditioning maintain your heating and cooling equipment? To answer this question you'd have to ask yourself others questions. One might be, "what effect would a failure of your furnace have on you and your family?" Well, on a hot day, it wouldn't bother you much, but on a cold day it would be a big problem. Obvious, right? So as winter sets in here in the Upstate New York area, like Rochester, Greece, Hilton, Hamlin, it makes sense to have us maintain the furnace, humidifier, etc. You know the furnace is going to break on a friday night right? Most parts for furnaces are readily available but others may be more difficult. We make a record of your furnace and determine if the blower motor, inducer motor or other parts are harder to locate and make sure that we have vendors lined up to supply difficult parts.


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